worth street reach closed december 2018 

our mission is to empower those in poverty through sustainable work, clean laundry, and innovative housing solutions.

Our website be will updated in 2019  as a tribute to the work done and as a resource to guide you to other organizations in Santa Barbara. We are grateful to announce Laundry Love will continue on under new leadership. Thank you for your years of support and encouragement!

     For those living below the poverty line, washing clothes presents both a logistical problem and a financial hardship.  It is our mission to take laundromats and convert them into hubs of relief, granting reprieve to those living in oppressive poverty through aid in education, basic medical care and assistance in job and housing placement.
     Laundry Love was started by the non profit organization Just 4 One. Laundry Love is open source, allowing others to start localized efforts for those in need. There are now over 300 Laundry Loves around the US.
     We provide the quarters and detergent for guests to wash and dry their clothes. Laundromats team with us by giving us a specific day and time to provide this service.

Laundry Love People partner with local laundromats in cleaning the clothes of those living below the poverty line. 

Laundry Love

Laundry Love Santa Barbara is a program of Worth Street Reach a division of Kids And Bikes Foundation 501c3

Help at one of our locations just once a month. Volunteers help sign guests in, put quarters and detergent in machines, clean up and build relationships. If you are unable to join us, you can still help by donating money, detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, food and more. Just email us and we'll arrange to  pick up your donation. 

Financial Donations
$300 will wash about 35 loads of laundry. Laundry Love can only happen each month because of your generous donations. Tithe to us monthly, have your business sponsor a month, have a garage sale and donate the money, put a donation jar at your work, sponsor a dance off ... whatever you can do is a HUGE help!

Donations can be made to:
Laundry Love Santa Barbara continues on with new leadership. Please email with questions and donations. 

Locations & Volunteering

House of Laundry
310 N. Milpas
Every 2nd Sunday of the month
1 - 3 pm, last load in by 2:00pm
run by Tom
Click here for Google Maps 

North Milpas Laundry / Launderland Coin-Op
834 N. Milpas
Every last Tuesday of the month
run by Leslie & Deborah
Click here for Google Maps

Isla Vista Laundromat
955 Embarcadero del Mar
Last Tuesday of the month
Every last Tuesday of the month
run by Ryan 
Click here for Google Maps

Our outreach services began when Freedom, a Vietnam Vet died on State Street in Santa Barbara in 2009. Moved and grieved that someone could freeze to death in our affluent community without the simplest of jackets or warmth created in the heart of Deborah a journey to start a blanket, sleeping bag and jacket campaign called Blanket Blessings.  Deborah got on KLITE radio and shared the needs and the journey began. Others began joining in the outreach drawn to the organized and well planned events and safe ways to serve. One day, sitting in the rain by the mall with a street friend to talk about his plans, both Deborah and the friend were spit on and had names called at them, and told they were worthless her nomad friend said this was a daily thing and very demoralizing because he was looking for work all the time. Deborah told him he was not worthless and she began the fight for acknowledgement and breaking the fears and stereotypes. WORTH STREET REACH was birthed from that incident because she believes every person has a value and worth. The outreach morphed with the needs, serving beside Westmont College Bread of Life in Alameda Park with a One Wish campaign, clothing distributions, bike for jobs campaign, Right Records- copying vital ID papers and waterproofing them. Helping nomads obtain IDs and performing annual clothing, tarp, sleeping bag and toiletries campaigns. From there was the goal to get seniors out of shelters and streets and into congregate housing. Creating a graffiti removal work program to beautify our city, while teaching volunteer nomads a trade in exchange for debit cards for cell phone minutes, groceries, bus fare, and gas cards. Now outreach includes aiding RV dwellers, housing seniors and aiding families.

Our Story


WSR formed teams with interns who join us to lead, encourage and engage individuals living in poverty to volunteer and give back to our community by removing graffiti, tagging, and debris from our city streets.

The volunteer teams worked in four hour segments while fulfilling community service hours or receive vouchers for food, phone minutes, gas, or bus tokens.This voluntary project taught individuals to give back and take pride in their community through these meaningful and needed services.

The goal of this project was to help change lives in a dignified way. To encourage and offer hope to people in their current state; often un-showered, hungry, without a phone and without a home. Weekly classes educateed in needed tasks and aid with job interview skills, resume assistance and job testing; linking individuals with long term jobs. 

Bicycle Graffiti Removal

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Recreational Vehicle Dwellers are considered homeless in the eyes of the government. Anything not fixed to the ground is Homeless. We could not disagree more. As outreach workers, we consider Mobile Home Dwellers safe, able to lock a door, sleep in a bed, prepare and store food, personal items, files, IDs and more. It prevents assaults on women, is a safe place when housing is in a crisis and below .01% and unaffordable. Many Motor Home Dwellers are senior women, large families, couples and more. We say Motor Home Dwellers because their homes are not for recreation. Largely an unreached population, no one knows how many we have in our community, how many dwell in them, and how to figure it out. No one else reaches out to them.

We formed a group called Wheels Liaison to bring Motor Home Dwellers together, learn about their needs, their numbers and to give them a voice.   

The City of SB  banned RVs in 2016. Homeless individuals were forced from industrial areas into residential neighborhoods, creating issues.  Criminalizing these vehicles and their inhabitants is wrong. Making them street homeless is unconscionable. We need to find reasonable solutions. They are voting constituents, most having lived here all their lives.

RV Dwellers

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Worth Street Reach
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Worth Street Reach was a 501c3 nonprofit. Tax deductible letters will be sent to all donors.


We no longer accept donations as we are now closed. Thank you for your support in the past! Please continue to support Laundry Love Santa Barbara at

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